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Lisa Esther Mikrukova is of Russian roots, although she was born in Germany, where she lived some years before coming to Spain. 

It was here in Marbella where she cat walked for the first time at age 13, discovered by a fashion designer.

Lisa studied interior design architecture at the Design Academy and was always inspired to create art like fashion films and all kinds of photography. 

Her first job was as a model for a clothing brand, photographed by a professional photographer.

When she discovered the modeling world for the first time,

she completely felt in love with this profession.

It has been a decade that Lisa is in our country, and currently Lisa works for publishers, spots, all kind of films and with different agencies. 

Her passion is to create different photographic images and films that make you feel or that provoke different emotions. 

After many sessions in the back, this beautiful model has a thousand photographs, most all of them are high artistic value. You can see a small summary of her best photos as like her films on this website.

Some consider Lisa as a russian beauty.